How to Survive in College: Top Things You Need

The new stage of your life is going to be full of surprises. Some of them will be pleasant and others will bring you a new experience. To be ready to meet with the possible challenges, you might need some tips from those who have survived through college. 

We are ready to share our wisdom with you. Here you will find a list of useful things you’ll need to feel comfortable during the years of studying. If you start preparing for college in advance, you will come there ready to face any obstacles with dignity and be a winner. All of our writers hold a university degree and can help you.

Mattress pad

Believe it or not, your bed will be the most popular place for you to hang out (no matter how sad it may sound). as a rule, students find it more comfortable to read, eat, and study in bed. If this object is going to play a key role in your life, you need to make it as comfortable as possible. A mattress pad will magically turn even an old uncomfortable bed into a relaxing island. If you can’t bring a new mattress with you, a pad is something that can be a game-changer.

Nice headphones

Do not choose the headphones relying solely on the design. Test the noise-canceling abilities before you commit to a particular brand and model. You might need to concentrate being surrounded by a loud conversation of your roommate and noise from the hall.

Something to store valuable things in

Something to store valuable things in

You might have something you don’t want anyone else to see. It is difficult to find a nice place to store your valuables in a dorm room. What you can do is to buy a “storage in disguise”. Buy a box that looks like a book or notepad. No one will ever know that you have a secret.


It may sound awful and frightening, but most probably you will have to learn how to cook. It is a great skill you will need in college and after graduation. besides, it will help you save money on doing dinner together with your friends. You can cook something simple and invite them over. It is also great fun to cook together. So, instead of food deliveries and restaurants choose a healthier and cheaper way of spending time with your friends.

Extra-long phone chargers

Extra-long phone chargers

It is hard to imagine a student without a mobile phone in his/her hand nowadays. The main disadvantage of this gadget is that you need to constantly charge it. So, for instance, when you come back to your room after a hard day of classes, the battery is obviously low. Not to spend the whole evening near an outlet (and there won’t be many of them in your dorm room), buy a long phone charger.

Reliable support

Reliable support

There will be no one to look over your shoulder and give you tips. You will need to take total control over the situation. However, you might have difficulties with your homework assignments from time to time. Find a reliable writing company that will support you.

Shower shoes

You need shower shoes to avoid all kinds of infections if you use a shared bathroom with other students. There is no need to risk your health when a pair of simple flip flops can make a difference. Also, buy a shower caddy to comfortably bring all of your shower supplies with you every time.


There are many reasons to buy your own printer. It is more convenient than running around the campus and looking for a place to print out your paper. It also will help you spend less money because many libraries charge for using their printer. As an option, you may split the cost with your roommate to minimize the expenses.

Plastic drawers

The key to success is to use all the space you have effectively. Put a couple of plastic drawers under the bed and you will have additional storage for your things. Dorm rooms are usually small so you need to appreciate every free corner you have.

Mini vacuum cleaner

Not a fan of crumbs and dust? Then, a small vacuum will come in hand. When you live with your parents, the dust magically disappears and you don’t have to do anything. When you start living on your own, you have to take care of the room if you don’t want to see a dirty floor all the time.

Little things that create the right mood

Leaving your parents’ home is not easy. To make the adaptation process less stressful, make your dorm room feel cozy. Bring the things that you like – your favorite mug, picture/photograph, blanket, etc. It can be anything that brings you nice memories. Just make sure you do not bring too much of everything.

Multipurpose cloths

Early morning classes can make you suffer from sleep deprivation. If you are not good at getting up early without snoozing your alarm clock over and over again, you need to get prepared in advance. You need to have a sweatshirt that is good to sleep in and to attend classes. then, you won’t have to waste time changing and thinking about what to wear.

Student discounts

Do not forget to ask if you can get a student discount when you buy something. Many companies’ policies include decreasing the price for students as they understand that students can’t earn a lot of money yet. Don’t be shy and save on movie tickets, electronic devices, etc.

Attending classes

Some classes are boring, we know. Often students think that it’s not a big deal if they sleep in and skip the class they don’t like. However, you should not forget that classes are expensive and your family is paying a lot of money for your education. Try to attend as many classes as you can. You are making an investment in yourself with every class you attend.

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