How to Choose a Career and What to Expect from It

What an ordinary working day of a doctor looks like? What duties does a mechanical engineer have? Questions like these might pop up in your head during the process of choosing a future career. It is often that we idealize and romanticize some professions. If you haven’t decided how to apply your talents and skills, you have to think carefully about the way you would like to make your living. In this article, we will help you learn more about different professions by describing the way a typical working day looks like. 

How to Choose a Career

Studying at a university, you will be able to gain theoretical knowledge. You might have no clear understanding of the practical side of the job you want to have. Find the useful tips on how to choose a career and make the right decision.

A typical day in the life of an engineer

The first thing you have to know is that there is a big difference between design engineers and system engineers. While the latter ones work on the upgrade and optimization of existing products, design engineers create something new. The approach is different as well. To come up with a new product you have to rely on your knowledge and foresee the way it will function. Naturally, you will come up with numerous ways of making it work better during the process of creation but not all of them will be possible to implement. It is due to the tight deadlines. You will have to decide which ones of them can be applied within the given time frame. You will be working with a cross-functional team to solve the design problems. You will make prototypes and test them which is an exciting part of the job.

System engineers have other priorities. You will be involved in fixing products and upgrading them. The job also includes contacting vendors, taking care of the documentation flow, attending meetings, doing hand calculations, and updating drawings. Be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to doing analysis and writing analysis reports.

A typical day in the life of a teacher

We’ve all had teachers that inspired us and those who made us hate a specific class and buy assignments at a paper writing service. Being a student, you rarely think about the way a day of a teacher looks like. You are interested only in your own class and nothing more. The only thought you might have is: “I want to do my Hw and forget about this class forever”. If you are thinking about the possibility of becoming a teacher in the future, you should understand that it’s a huge responsibility. You can either help students to explore and uncover their talents or turn them into insecure individuals.

You will have to get up pretty early and make sure you are prepared for your first class. It is your goal to try to make everything go according to the plan you’ve created. Do not forget that students are a major part of the process and can make dramatic changes in the learning process. The most difficult part is to skip from one class to another. Sometimes your brain will not be able to keep up with the crazy rhythm. Additionally, you will have a million papers to grade. You should be realistic when estimating the time you need to grade them all. Attending meetings and dealing with tons of papers to fill in are also two major parts of this job. As a big advantage, you get to communicate with students and learn something new every day.

A typical day in the life of a doctor

If you’ve seen any of the TV series such as ER, Grey’s Anatomy, House M. D. showing the lives of doctors, you have a clear understanding of the world of medical institutions. We are joking, of course. As you can imagine, a lot of things there are exaggerated or simply made up. In the video above, a real doctor comments on the popular TV show and points out all the inaccuracies that take place. Before you dive into the world of the professional medicine, you should get prepared for some of the challenges you are going to face.

One of the key characteristics of this job is its unpredictability. You can never know what a new day will bring, especially if we are talking about a young doctor. It is true not only in terms of what patients you will help but also in terms of your schedule. There are clinic session, surgical session, and academic sessions you might need to attend during a day. At academic sessions, you discuss different cases with colleagues and get a piece of advice if needed. This is where you can learn many new things. At surgical sessions, you list all the surgeries you did. Finally, at clinic sessions, you see patients.

A typical day in the life of a marketer

A decade ago marketing was something many people were excited about because it had a mysterious quality. It is difficult to imagine what a marketer does on a daily basis. Some may have an image of Don Draper from Mad Men who can come up with a perfect advertising campaign or slogan for a company. It is a profession that you associate with creativity and inventions. However, the reality is not as exciting as you might think. The job involves not only brainstorming and doing interesting research but also tons of routine boring tasks.

A marketer has to fill in endless tables, write hundreds of emails, make similar presentations time after time, dive in into the numbers and analyze the volume of sales, handle the documentation flow, attend numerous meetings, etc. The most of your tasks will include the communication with other departments, advertising agencies, and business partners. Be prepared to face the situation when you will not be a part of creative processes at the beginning of your career. The higher your position will be the more creativity will be involved, obviously.

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