5 Most Popular Games to Get to Know Each Other

You are sure to meet a lot of new people during your years of studying. Some of them will remain to be your friends after graduation, and the others will disappear from your life forever. But almost nothing can beat the feeling of excitement and anxiety of getting to know each others’ personalities features of character. Even a little detail, like a favorite book, can create an instant bonding between people. If you’d like to speed this process up a bit, suggest your peers to play one of these games. They will be a great way to light any party up and become more open to each other.

Never Have I Ever

This game will spot the most prudent participant. In the beginning, each player has 10 points represented by the fingers on his hands. Everybody has to begin with a statement: “Never have I ever…” This statement has to be true for the person saying it. If the other players have done it they must drop their finger and lose one point. If not, they don’t do anything and have all of the 10 points left. The game continues until only one player is left. The goal of it is to come up with such statements which most probably will be false for other players and they’ve done it at least once during their life. But remember, you can’t lie;)

Candy Introductions

If you want to know new facts about your friends while eating chocolate, this game is the best choice for you. You need a lot of candies of different colors so that each participant would be able to take up to 5 of them. When everybody has picked her candies, you announce what color represents what. For example:

Green- 3 favorite movies

Yellow – the worst decision ever made

Red – annoying habit

And so on…

Taking their turns, every person says their fact and eats the candy that represents it. Depending on how well you already know each other, you may come up with more interesting tasks.

Lost on a Desert Island

This is a great way to test everyone’s creativity. All of you happened to be in the wrong place and at the wrong time and ended up on a desert island. Every participant is allowed to bring only 1 object with him. This object has to represent his hobby, personality or something he values and enjoys. Let everyone pick their objects and explain their choice to the rest of the group. Then, the group is divided into smaller ones with the task of increasing their chances of survival. They have to think what they can apply the chosen objects and develop their survival tactic. The most creative group wins.

Two truths and a Tale

Each person makes 3 statements, one of which is not true. The statements must somehow describe this person. The rest of the group then tries to guess which statement is false by voting. You can turn this game into a competition. Just ask all the participants write their answers down on a piece of paper and then count the right ones.

Fight for My Attention

Two individuals stand in front the rest of the group and are challenged to talk for 1 minute on a given topic. You can decide on a topic beforehand or during the process. The tricky part is that they have to talk simultaneously. The audience then decides who managed to hold their attention for longer.

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