The Right Guide To Writing An APA Formatted Research Paper

In your college life, you may have a lot of times come across the term APA (American Psychological Association).  It’s only because this particular term is specifically associated with the practice of writing research papers which are considered as a crucial part of college life.

Do you know? APA is not just a referencing style; instead; it’s a complete guide to format, write, and cite the research papers. Let us tell you how!  We are creating a guide to writing an APA formatted research paper so, you all can confront the process and complete your college degree with complete satisfaction and flying colors.

In this guideline, we will assist you in how to properly follow the formatting guidelines by using the APA referencing style and what things to avoid while using this particular type.

General rules

Setting the presentation of the paper right according to style is mandatory as well. Before you start writing your paper note that according to some basic APA formatting rules, your document must be standardized on 8.5′ x 11 with a one-inch margin space on each side. While in font styles Times New Roman with the usual size of 12pt is recommended. Although taking assurance from your teacher regarding the font type would be better.

Title page

The title should be written in bold letters. In APA formatting you need to add in your name, the name of the institute you study in, and the running head flush on the left and the page numbers inserted at the right side of each page.

Make a new page for your title with the center page alignment. Type your title centrally with both; upper and lower case.  Type the first letter of each word with the high yet the rest of the letters with lower case. Also, do not use unnecessary words or abbreviations in the title page of your paper. Revealing technical words in the very first impression could confuse and drag your audience. Be précised and accurate!

Below the title, you should type your first name, initial of the middle name, and last name.  After this, do add the name of your institution, from which you are representing yourself. To develop a more precise understanding, you can even search for some APA format examples.


An abstract of the research paper is a summary of the paper, purposefully written to give the audience an idea about the focused details of your essay. The abstract is usually placed on the second page of the paper, and the first line of the abstract summary should not be intended. The section of the abstract must include the research question, synopsis of the method, précised information which indicates the findings of the research and most importantly, the conclusion. Writing abstract considered the most challenging part of research papers as the author is supposed to cover all of the following elements in just 200 or a maximum of 250 words.


In the APA research paper, the introduction is patterned on the 3rd page. In the introductory paragraph author, one sheds light on the research question by rationalizing it with logical yet exciting factors. Also, you are supposed to develop a thesis statement with at least three or more elements which you will be emphasizing on the further part of the paper. In the introduction, some of the researchers even pattern the purpose of conducting a particular study or reveal the methods of research.

Literature review

However, the page number of your literature review entirely depends on the length of your introductory paragraph. In the literature review, there are no several restrictions of several words or the length of the section; you need to keep your paragraphs well-structured. Before you start writing your literature review, download a few APA format example papers to take proper guidance. Particularly in the literature review, you do not have to portray the relative views from past papers but, it should give an impression of argument which must convince your audience that the presented research question is logical and it should be linking with your next sections of the paper. In short, each detail of your research paper must sound like a connecting loop. Last but not least, do not forget to conclude your argumentative section i.e., literature review.


It’s a fusion of comprehension and creation!  In the process, your words, tone, and style should be clear enough that anyone can depict the image of it. Keeping the sound of method simple is necessary because your skeptical audience is not going to believe in your marked words only and if your evidence would not be clear enough to assure your audience, then it’s completely useless. So, in proportion to APA rule, keeping the unfolded yet steer clear image of the method is mandatory.

The method section may include How, Where, and in what quantity you have conducted your research. Elaborating the type of research is also essential. There is one more thing to keep in mind; the heading should be refrained from adding (s); the correct heading is method and not method (s). Below the heading, there should be the subheading of “Participants” aligned on the left in italic font. For more help, search out some APA essay examples.


In result, you are supposed to present the performed result along with the statistical examination. The section of your conclusion must not be detailed. Keep this section concrete and accurate without diving into excessive details.


Now, this is the foremost part of your research paper. In the debate, you need to discuss the details of the result and the findings. Critically examine your research by citing multiple sources. In APA, there are two methods of citation; Parenthetical and A-parenthetical. Try adding both types to make your paper look interesting and adequately formatted.


Do not focus solely on one thing, while writing your conclusion, try covering all the significant points in the section. Your conclusion should sound like a conclusion of the entire research paper and not the termination of a particular aspect. Write in a manner that must persuade your audience to agree on your presented opinion.

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