The 17 Best Hilarious Persuasive Speech Topics and Tips to Write

Communication standards used to much more rigid in olden days. Recently public speaking has become more adaptable to other formats and much less formal. There are a number of reasons behind it. The rise of digital media is one of them. And then there is the growing trend of societies becoming more focused on people and their skills. Formal aspects are still important, yet most places seek for efficient and relatable conveying of messages.

The type of speech being delivered is of course dependent on the audience, event, and circumstances. But it is becoming a very common trend to handle serious issues in a humorous way too. Integrating funny remarks in a serious speech is also considered an effective strategy to engage the audience. It creates a more relaxed and comfortable environment, making the participants more open to presented ideas. From hereon we are going to cover some tips about delivering a funny persuasive speech.

Choosing funny speech topics
Do some research and some with humorous presentation and research topics. This will help you think of your own original idea. If you cannot make the entire speech funny, then pick out the aspects which can be delivered in a lighter way to the audience. It would be best if you write down all your ideas.

Consider the audience
Adjust your hilarious persuasive topics, style and content according to the environment, circumstances, audience and event. This is very important in terms of humor and message delivery. Even minor details like which speeches will be preceding yours, matter.

Investigate laughter evoking strategies
There is a wide variety of ways to make people laugh in the midst of your speech. For instance, ridiculing yourself or a situation you have been in. Identify paradoxes that show how unreasonably the society acts. Exaggerate minor daily issues to the point they seem absurd. Play the role of a stereotypical character and judge things from their point of view. It would be very helpful to watch some good standup comedy acts to get yourself inspired.

Read your speech aloud to someone else
Humor is universal and yet also very individual. What might be funny to you, won’t be funny for the next person. Overthinking about your jokes can make them appear too artificial and complex. On the other hand, good jokes that are dissected and analyzed too much will lose their humor. Having another point of view will help you see how the audience will react to your speech.

Practice makes it perfect
The key to an effective humorous speech is delivering the joke at the perfect moment. Practice in front of a small group to develop confidence and mastery over the content. Attain perfection on all fronts such as intonation, tempo and strategically placed pauses.

How to choose fun speech topics appropriate for events
Choosing a speech topic that is humorous and suitable for an event can be pretty challenging. Professional events mostly have predetermined speech topics, but you can sometimes select funny topics for college students or social gatherings. Browsing online can help you out immensely in that area.

When deciding on a funny speech topic, focus on interesting dualities that are familiar to everyone. For instance, tea vs coffee, vegan vs meat lovers, men vs women and so forth. But be very careful in avoiding sensitive topics that relate to religion or politics. Controversial topics are only fun and reflect a lighter tone when the subject matter is more innocent.

If there is an event which is based on giving impromptu funny speeches, then you should consult previous speeches given there. This will give you an idea about the elements that work best with the audience.

Now that we have explored all the tricks involved in the art of funny speech delivery, it is time to reveal some good topics. We will conclude with a list of 17 best funny speech topics for you to get inspired:
1. Don’t fall in the trap called “growing up”
2. Humans are the most ungrateful two-legged creatures
3. Why are all prohibited things so tempting?
4. Squirrels are better than people
5. Men should not be deprived of watching sports
6. Are children only ones benefitting from a marriage?
7. Humans are basically cat slaves
8. Lumberjack bearded men look friendlier to animals
9. GPS and flat earth believers have a complex relationship
10. The truth will certainly set you free- but will annoy you first
11. Drivers were once pedestrians
12. Reusing birthday messages
13. Evidences that we are in a simulation
14. If you wish for something you never had, then do something you never dared doing
15. Aim of life is to look for temptation
16. Everyone has their favorite kind of problem
17. Complexities of modern art

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