Opportunities And Challenges For International Students In UK

Need to have your education from a country that will stand you out from the crowd? Well, in that case, the UK is your answer. The United Kingdom is among the top countries in providing quality education. We can compromise on many things, but for school, we search for the best. We always look for the universities who are delivering quality education to the students.

Regarding education, the UK is considered to be the dream destination around the globe. Everyone wants to go there to acquire higher education. When we follow our dreams passionately, we often become blind to the challenges that may affect our way. Before going there, you need to have prior knowledge of the circumstances you may face and the opportunities you will have after having a UK degree.


Internationally recognized degree:

Universities of the United Kingdom are well-known for their high-quality education and have a remarkable reputation globally. UK’s degree is recognized by top universities in the world and accepted by almost every elite company. It speaks for itself.

Study what you want:

There are many countries where every field and course is not offered to the students, which limits their choices. In Britain, you don’t have to face this issue. There are plenty of universities that are offering a wide range of courses. There is hardly any subject that is not being offered in the UK. As there are numerous choices, it is beneficial for the students to polish their skills in the field they are interested in.

Environmental benefits:

The UK is a multicultural state where you can find diversity in culture, traditions, religion, etc. In today’s world, being qualified from a remarkable university with shining grades is not enough. You must be enriched with creative and analytical skills too. The employers look for such things while hiring any employee.

Moreover, English is an international language, and we cannot survive without knowing this language. What is the best way to learn fluent English other than in the country of its origin? In almost every multinational company, you would interact with people of different nationalities and languages. In these scenarios, you should know how to communicate well in the English language with them.

Financial benefits:

However, as compared to other countries like America and Canada, UK is cheaper when it comes to education. Still, there are situations when you have to face financial issues.  Unlike other states in the UK, you are permitted to work part-time (20 hours) while studying and full time during holidays.

Moreover, this would also help you grow professionally. Doing a job while studying will increase opportunities, and if you succeed in getting a good job, you can stay there even after the completion of your education. You must earn £ 35000 per year if you intend to get the resident visa after your degree.


Language barrier:

English is the official language of the United Kingdom. One should know that it is the medium of communication there. It’s good to have a feeling that you would eventually learn this language while living there. However, you must prepare yourself for the hurdles you might face at the start. When we are not fully aware of a specific language, then it’s hard to understand and communicate with the natives of that country. Also, the lectures would be delivered in the English language in the institute you get admitted to, for example, Oxford University. Hence, you have to prepare yourself for the challenges you may face because of the language barrier. To overcome this issue, you may join some language courses or can also approach HND assignment help.

Culture shock:

The religious and cultural practices may differ from your home country. You have to adjust yourself in these cases. There are many occasions where students go through culture shock abroad because they are not accustomed to the lifestyle of that country. For instance, the way people greet in London is different as compared to the greeting style of their home town.


It is prevalent to be homesick or nostalgic when we are living far away from our loved ones and family. In this scenario, you have to give yourself time “an adjustment period” that it is okay to be sad and depressed sometimes. You have to motivate yourself continuously that you will be alright after a certain period.


You must need to know that studying abroad may cost you much as compared to your home country. To meet your financial needs, you may have to work while studying. Doing a job while studying is not a piece of cake. One has to prepare himself mentally that there could be a chance when he needs to do a job along with study as well.


A student visa in the UK is called tier 4 visa. Tier 4 has been categorized in two forms. Visa fees can vary depending on your country. You may also consult your travel agent in this regard.

  • Tier 4 (general) visa is for the students who are above the age of 16 and want to study long term courses in the UK. In this case, you need to make sure that the university you have selected should have a tier 4 sponsor license. It costs £348 (~US$440).
  • Tier 4 (child) visa is for the ones who aged 4 to 17.
  • If you intend to study a short course and aged above 18 then you are eligible for the short-term visa that is of 6 months costs£97 (~US$120) but it can expand up to 11 months costs £186 (~US$240).


There are specific criteria to hold a UK student visa, for that you have to earn points.

  • Your passport details.
  • Your photograph.
  • An offer letter from the tier 4 sponsored licensed University of UK you place in for a course as evidenced by a “Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies” form. (30 points).
  • A certificate from any secure English language test (SELT) as proof of your English fluency. You don’t need to provide this if you are from any English speaking country.
  • Proof of financial support during your stay in the UK (10 points). You have to provide a bank statement or a letter from your fiscal sponsor. You have to show that you have £1,015 (~US$1,300) per month in your account if you are living in London and about £1,265 (~US$1,600) for a month if you are living outside a London.
  • Your academic documents.
  • A biometric and medical tests, it will depend on your country, what type of medical tests you have to take.

Hence, people are always in search of the best possible universities who are offering a wide range of subjects. Also, very considerate regarding the quality of education of the university they are planning to get admission. The United Kingdom delivers all; high-quality education and a wide range of topics. To make your dream come true, it is necessary to have prior knowledge of visa processing of the UK. Secondly, the hurdles you might face while living there. Also, the opportunities you will have in your life, once you have successfully gone through those hurdles.

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