Important & Common Issues in Sexual Abuse In The Era


Sexual abuse is considered as one of the traumatizing act in a society. Many of the individuals are seen to be victimized by this act and hence loses their mental health and the capability to cope in a society. Sexual abuse is defined as an unwanted sexual activity a person goes through. An individual who goes through sexual abuse is forced to have sexual activity. The assignment further includes an analysis and regarded information of the sexual abuse.


The issue originates when the abuser goes through the strong sense of intimacy and requires someone to fulfill that intimacy. Many of the abusers sometimes perform the act of sexual assault to calm their inhumane desires (Sinozich & Langton, 2014). It is to be seen that a person subjected to sexual abuse go through the long term mental sickness including anxiety, fear and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In many cases there are children, spouses, elders, disabled people, and somewhat people with dementia are seen to undergo with sexual abuse. People are seen to be victimized of sexual abuse in their households and by their own relations (Hemmingsson, Johansson & Reynisdottir, 2014). While, in many cases people go through domestic violence and martial rape within a wedlock. It is to be considered that domestic violence is another type of sexual abuse. While, forced martial sex and unwanted sexual intercourse is also the activities which lies within the category of sexual abuse.


It was reported by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) that one out of five women and one out of seventy one men is expected to get raped in at-least one point of their lives. While, it was further reported that 33% of women and 16.66% of men are expected to come through some kind of sexual abuse or violence. It is also concluded that 80% of the time the victim knows who the abuser is (Sinozich & Langton, 2014).

Moreover, the children are also victimized out of sexual desires and hence they go through the sexual assault or sexual abuse. According to another research children are also expected to be the victims of sexual assault and harassment. While, in another statistical analysis it is to be seen that 325,000 children annually are expected to go through the act of child sexual abuse. Moreover, one out of four girls and one out of six boys are expected to go through this traumatic act before they even turn 18 (Finkelhor, Shattuck, Turner, & Hamby, 2014).


For preventing people and children from sexual abuse there are a lot of prevention techniques which could be followed. The very first way is to develop and introduce enough prevention programs for the victims or the children who are most likely to go through the sexual abuse. Moreover, there should be training given to the normal people of the society in which they could be taught what actions they can take while going through such social problem/issue (Hemmingsson, Johansson & Reynisdottir, 2014). Moreover, there could be help given to the people going through the post traumatic effects. The abused victims are expected to go through the psychological sessions while the other related people are expected to consider and realize the pain and trauma they have been going through. Relaxing oneself is the best which could be done to the sexually assaulted people and victims (Finkelhor, Shattuck, Turner, & Hamby, 2014).


It is stated in the Bible that every individual should behave properly in the society and should not go through the sexual promiscuity or sensuality. While, the Bible further states that each of the individual should prioritize God first and should not make any provisions for the flesh in regard to its lusts (The Christian Worldview, 2017). As reported by the Bible fulfilling the sexual desires for the sake of intimacy and lust is prohibited in Christianity. A person following Christianity should rather fall for the religious norms instead of fulfilling their inhumane desires.

Christianity is a religion which favors humanity and the human rights within and since humanity is withdrew in the sexual assault hence it isn’t favored by the Christianity.


On the whole, it is to be seen that sexual abuse is one of the most raised social issue in the society and hence it should be tackled in the most handsome ways. The above assignment defines and suggests the ways through which society could take this issue seriously while it also presents the prevention techniques and statistics and facts.


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