How To Apply Online & Prepare For MAH CET 2020

We just got to know that the MAH-CET (Common Entry Test) for MBA is just around the corner and thousands of the applicants will be appearing in the test. Is your name included in the list of those applicants? If yes, then what are your plans? You must know that the competition is tough and there are thousands of students like you, who aim to seize the opportunity. This means you need to give your best.

Are you ready to win the battle? No? It’s ok! If you haven’t geared up yourself then don’t worry, you still have time to get prepared. First of all, take it easy and apply for it. Let go your worries on how to apply, we will guide you. Besides this, apart from studying books, there are few more things which you need to consider before appearing on your test. We are patterning the procedure of how to register yourself for the test and making a list of all of those things which you, as an applicant of MAH-CET suppose to understand, beforehand. Keep following the list, below!

The procedure for applying for MAH CET 

The most convenient thing about the registration is, you can get yourself registered via online form. To apply online for MAH CET, applicants need to consider the following steps.

  • Visit the site and click on the link which indicates the option of online registration.
  • Fill your form keenly. Assure to give all authentic information which is required in the form. This may include your name, educational background and some other pieces of important information.
  • In the next step, you are supposed to upload your recent and clear, passport size photograph and as well as your signature. One thing which applicants need to ensure is that the size of the image has to be of 200 x 230 pixels whereas; the dimension of the signature should be in between 140 x 160 pixels.
  • Look on the given options and select the center for the test.
  • Thoroughly preview your form before submitting.
  • Once you are done with online submission, pay your examination fee via online banking or credit card.

How to prepare for entry test

You have submitted your form and examination fee? Cool! Now comes the most crucial part of the test- preparation! What about your preparation? Well, we can guide you on how to prepare for the test, in the best possible ways.

Get free access on CET portal

The portal of CET has a solution of your query- how to prepare for the test. It offers a bundle of valuable information and material which applicants can use for their entry exam. So, if you are confused and thinking from where to collect the material for the preparation of test then take a chill pill and get your free access on CET portal now. The cherry on top- there are also practice papers available on the portal. Instead of making your final test your first attempt, make it an expert attempt.

Strengthen your fundamentals  

Note that passing MAH CET is not a nut which can be cracked easily. One needs to be efficient and pro for this. Well, by asking you act proactively we didn’t mean to cover extra miles. We simply meant to prepare your test from each expected aspect. Play like an all-rounder and strengthen your fundamentals in all of the subjects. Try to find out the hidden meanings and don’t be too straight to answer your questions, rationalize them logically. One more thing, try to collect information from different sites. Instead of working hard only, try to work smartly. For this, you can also check on a few cheap dissertation writing services which assist students with written tried and tested tips of preparing for exams smartly.

Align your schedule

Moving to a new place without using map could lead you in the wrong direction. Similarly, studying for a test without aligning your schedule could create a mess. Align things properly! If you are weak in any of the subjects then keep it on your priority and set the rest in the next row. But, don’t forget that wise is the one who knows how to maintain a factor of justification. You need to give equal time to all of your subjects.

Practice, practice, and practice 

Forget about your CAT/XAT and any other test on which you have appeared before. Don’t ever mistake to compare the formats of your previous attempts with the upcoming one. This is the worst thing you can do as an applicant of MAH CET. Know that this particular entry test follows a different format and it demands more reasoning and logical answers than the flat ones. For this, you need to practice a lot. You cannot justify any question logically until or unless you have evaluated it from all aspects. So, start your practice now and keep doing it until your final exam day.

Write speedily but not impulsively 

Yes, you need to write speedily in your exam. Even if you are taking a trial attempt on the mockup, you are supposed to speed up yourself. But, never confuse two things; writing speedily and impulsively. No matter how brilliantly you can do calculations, still you need to cross-check your answer before marking a tick mark on the question or writing your answer. Although, there will be some questions which require little extra time for but ensure that you are not acting impulsively, while all you are supposed to do is to write speedily. Last and not least, don’t take shortcuts in calculations; this can put you in serious trouble.

We have penned down a detailed structure of how to apply for MAH CET and how to prepare for it. So, from when you are taking a head start for the preparations? One more thing which all applicants-to-be must know is- you do not necessarily have to wait for the registration date to start your preparation, start it from today.

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