Five Tips on Converting your Average Grades into Top Ones

You might be working very hard but still, you would be getting average grades.  To become an excellent student, who gets maximum grades in every subject, you have to work even harder than what you do right now. You have to take the extra steps that other top students take if you want to become just like them. It will take a lot of your time and you will face a lot of challenges but when other top students face same challenges so you have to face them also.

1). Don’t miss classes

You will never find a top student leaving or missing any class, he even comes when he is not feeling well.

  • Listen to the lectures: For top students, lectures are like collecting a treasure; they take every class and listen to the lecturer with maximum concentration. Great students clear every concept of the subject in these class lectures.
  • Participate during class: Top students are known for their class participation; you will always find them asking the most intelligent questions and always find their hands up in the air when a teacher asks questions from the class. Teacher assigns extra marks for class participation so make sure, you avail this fantastic opportunity and improve your chances of a better grade.
  • Score attendance marks: Have you ever seen a top student absent? Even if you have seen them missing a class then they might have been absent for only one class and for valid reasons. Just like participation, teachers have assigned extra marks for those, who have more than 90% attendance.

2). Practice and study daily

Top students after listening to a lecture, practice on it and study daily to understand the lecture completely. Many times students after understanding the lecture forget to revise it because of which they forget the things that they learned in the lecture. It is very important to revise the things learned in the lecture through textbook and secondary research to make it remember for a long time.

When you will keep practicing the things that teacher taught you then you will see significant improvement in the accuracy rate of the solution.

3). Read additional books related to your subject

Student, who is looking to become a top student, should read the additional textbooks because these textbooks will provide you extra information that you will hardly found it anywhere else. These extra books will help you in properly understanding of certain topics.

When you will use information from these extra sources so your teacher would be impressed with your hard work and even give you extra marks for the uniqueness of the answer. These additional books should relate to your subject because reading additional books of other subjects will not help you in getting extra marks.

4). Take daily notes

Top students have personalized notes of the class lectures. Since they write it themselves so they remember it longer than any other note, they also make this note with a great organization. Sometimes only, they can understand what they have written so when other students try to read their notes for help, they find it difficult to understand it.

It is important to make your own notes according to your understanding of the topic and try to show these notes to your teachers so that they can tell you if it is right or wrong. Try to include the main points of your teacher in your class note to get the basic idea of the topic because you cannot write everything that the teacher says in the lecture.

If you want to write everything that the teacher tells in the lecture, so try to record his whole lecture and then make notes after listening to those recordings.

5). Study in Groups

Lone wolf approach is pretty good makes you independent but you cannot become a top student on your own, you will need to make good friends, who are excellent student themselves. By studying in the group, you can learn a topic more comprehensive; you can learn new perspective about certain things and you can improve your team working and leadership skills. These all advantages of studying in a group help us in maximizing our grades and help us in becoming a top student.

Another advantage of studying in a group is that we can learn faster than studying alone that is why top students study in a group, which consists of diverse and intelligent students.


By following these five helpful tips, a student can get the maximum out of him and can become a top student from the average student, following these tips would be difficult for many but if you want to be a top student then you have to face all the difficult challenges.

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