Boost Your Memory and Learn Faster

If you value time (and who doesn’t) your goal is to cope with the things you don’t enjoy doing as fast as you can and move on to something more exciting. 

In other words, memorizing facts and concepts from textbooks is something you would not prefer spending all of your free time on. Is there a way to improve your memory? What if you could get prepared for any exam faster than others?

Make Sure You Get It


Let’s suppose you’ve had a seemingly successful studying session and learned a lot of new information. You can be proud of yourself but there is one point you should know. If you don’t repeat that information or use it, you forget it very quickly. It is natural that not all of the facts you learn while studying will come in hand in your everyday life. So, how to make sure you remember them until the day of an exam, for example? Well, you might use the so-called Feynman technique.

Richard Feynman was a brilliant scientist. He noticed a problem the educational system had and maybe still has. You learn something without getting to the bottom of it. As the result, you can only repeat it but not rephrase it. Why does it happen? In most of the cases, the main reason is that you do not fully understand what you have to memorize. The Feynman technique suggests that you will fully understand a concept when you can explain it to your friend in a simple and comprehensive manner. In that way, you won’t be able to forget it. It’s like riding a bicycle – once you’ve learned how to do it, you won’t be able to lose that skill. So, while preparing for your next exam, find someone you can retell the material.

Prepare for an Upcoming Exam Faster

Exam Faster

To remember the essential info you want to spot the gaps in your understanding and eliminate them. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to think about the facts and figures that you need to make sure you recall during an exam. Telling them to your friend might help but it won’t be as effective as in the case of explaining a concept or a specific event in the history. There are some other techniques to help you.

One of them is about creating equivalent states. You will have better chances of recalling the required date, fact, or number during an exam if you recreate the similar environment of the time you’ve been studying. For instance, if you were eating chocolate while trying to remember the year Julius Caesar died, bring it with you on the exam. Moreover, if you have the chance to study in the same room you will have the exam, do it. It will also increase your chances of success. Also, you can use different kinds of mnemonic rules to remember the required array of facts.

Don’t forget training your memory. Learning poems is a great way to do it. If learning poems is not your thing, try to memorize the lyrics of new songs you like. Keep practicing and you will definitely notice the improvements with some time. As Richard Feynman once said, you have to stay curious and keep learning to explore the world around you. Repeat something you want to remember regularly and your brain will save this data for you to use anytime.

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