5 Apps to Help You Relax

Those constant lab reports, essays, research papers, and extracurricular activities can bring your energy level to zero. There should always be time for having some rest but it is often impossible to find it. The worst part is that even if you do find it, it’s difficult to clear your mind and stop thinking about all the problems. How can you sit and enjoy a good movie when your brain keeps reminding you about that unfinished paper you need to submit very soon?

The digital age we are living in has its advantages and disadvantages. The great minds made it possible for us to always be online. We can have the virtual connection with any person on this planet at any time which without a doubt is a great advancement. But it also means that anyone can reach us at any time with their problems and requests. It seems to be impossible to escape the busy world with millions of daily challenges. But the gadgets can actually help you to distract from the tough situations and destress. This collection of apps helping you to relax will be of great use.

Breathe2Relax (iOS and Android)


We all think about attending yoga classes at some point in our lives. It is one of the effective options to calm and free your mind from harmful and distracting thoughts. But not all of us can find time to do so. Luckily, there is a helpful app that can become some sort of yoga replacement. As we know, breathing exercises can be a great way of restoring energy. Developed by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, this app provides you with the right breathing techniques. There is also an option of turning on a relaxing music during the exercises. It is free to download and compatible with phones and tablets. Calm app has a similar approach and offers effective guided meditations.

Squeeze and Shake Stress Relief

Someone or something can really get on your nerves on daily basis. It would be great if there was a way to take your stress out without breaking dishes, wouldn’t it? This app is designed for this purpose. It is a kind of virtual stress ball that reacts every time you squeeze your phone with an adorable rubber ducky noise. The repetitive movements can help you to clear your mind and get rid of the anger or stress. You are welcome to use it during the peaceful hours as well just to have some fun.

White Noise (iOS and Android)

White Noise

One of the many reasons of stress can be sleep deprivation. Around 30% of the U.S. population suffer from it. When you don’t get enough time to sleep and relax, you are more likely to get easily annoyed and have strong reactions to every irritating thing. Often, it’s your roommates or neighbors who deprive you of the opportunity to have a good sleep. This app can take you far away from the loud music, crying babies, and construction work noise. There are more than 40 ambient sounds to select from to calm you down and get you sleepy. It is a nice way to avoid waking up from a police siren in the middle of the night as the white sound helps your brain concentrate on it and ignore other distractions.

How Are You (iOS and Android)

How Are You

Getting exposed to constant stress can have some serious consequences. It may become one of the reasons for severe depression and you need to have the situation under control until it is too late. The app helps you stay on top of all the information your body gives you. To have a “therapy in your pocket”, you need to take several tests and give some information so that it could be analyzed. You can find out about what part of the day is the most enjoyable for you and make the necessary changes to improve your overall mood. You will also get tips on how to fight your bad mood and control your emotions.

Pacifica (iOS and Android)


This tool’s primary goal is to help you fight stress and anxiety. Along with memorizing and analyzing your emotions, you can use this information to set goals for yourself or meditate to calm down. Getting even some small assignments done has a positive effect on your psychological condition and helps to find a new approach to solving problems. This app helps you with daily goals, relaxation techniques, and mood history tracking.

Try these apps to find an effective way of calming yourself and switching your brain off for a while. It needs occasional rest and your task is to identify what kind of tools fit your individual needs. There are other apps with similar characteristics you can search and try as well. We’ve outlined these ones as they are thought to be really helpful according to the users’ reviews. Just relax and have fun!

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