10 Money Saving Tricks for Students

As education is an expensive process for the student with a lot of direct and indirect cost associated with it, so it is wise for the students to look for ways to reduce their expenses. By saving academic expenses, the students can save a lot of money for the future use. We will share ten tricks that will help students save a lot of money.

  1. Maintain great CGPA and get scholarship

A student should study harder and score good grades to secure high CPGA because students can save a lot of money with an academic scholarship program. The students can save their entire semester fee if they obtain and maintain high CPGA in their academic institute. By saving your entire semester fee, you can get rid of the biggest expense that a student has. A student can save 40% to 60% of his total expense through scholarship.

  1. Don’t buy new textbooks

Another way to save money is to buy used books, to use book exchange service, to buy through online or to use a library. You can save around half of your expense by following this technique. Book exchange service is the great way to get new books without even paying for it because they will give you your desired book in exchange for the book that you no longer need.

  1. Sell your books

It is better for students to sell those books that they no longer require. It is a great way to generate little money for the new books, and by selling your old books, you can reduce your expenses for the new books. It is essential for the students to keep their books in good conditions because a book in better condition will sell for more.

  1. Learn how to cook

The students should learn the art of cooking, make food for them and avoid eating outside. Eating outside can be a bit expensive, and it is always less costly for one to buy and cook food himself.

  1. Use public transport or a point service

Public transport is the cheapest form of traveling mode so why not use it. By reaching on a bus point on a fixed time every day will cost you little and save you a significant amount of money. Like public transport, a point service provided by the academic institution is another cheaper way to reduce your traveling expenses but always be at your pickup spot at a time.

  1. Live in an apartment with your classmates or friends

It is not wise to live alone financially because living expense is also a lot of the students, you might not like living with other students in the same apartment because they might disturb you but by living with other classmates or friends can save your lot of money. All the expenses will be shared among your roommates from food to utility expense.

  1. Don’t use credit-card

It is never a good option to use a credit card because you have to pay extra for every transaction with it. Just use it, if you can get a discount or use it for making the purchase that you can pay quickly.

  1. Take advantage of college ID

Your college ID can play a big part in saving a lot of money; by showing your college ID, you can avail many advantages. You can get discounts at bookstores, restaurants, clothing, museums and many more places or things. Every student should avail the advantages that his college ID provides him.

  1. Cut your expenses

Always leave your home with closing all the lights off, check all the rooms before leaving your home and unplug all the minor appliances. Do not subscribe to TV cable because you watch everything on the internet, which is a much cheaper option. You can watch live television free and get up to date with the latest happening around the world.

  1. Talk with your classmates on chatting apps

You can also save a lot of money with the help of using chatting application, which offer video calling, audio calling and chatting services free. So why waste your money by talking with your friends on phone calls when you can talk to them free with chatting apps.  


Students should avail all the opportunities to reduce as much as their expense as possible because by saving these expenses they can save a lot of money that will come handy in the future.

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